Recreational Group

The recreational group is a group of me and my friends in P.E.  As you would of guessed, we were formed through us all being in the recreational league.  But what type of recreational league you may ask, well it was pickle ball!!!  For those who haven’t heard of this amazing sport, it is basically tennis with wooden paddles.  Now, all of us were horrible at this sport, so we were kinda just swinging the paddle.  That is when we decided to do some silly stuff.  Examples are dancing, constantly switching teams, and coming with the most ridiculous team names.  Here is our system:

  1. Make a team of two.
  2. Have the first person come up with a food.( Ex. fries, mac and cheese, pizza)
  3. Have the second person come up with an adjective.( Ex. slimy, rubbery, cold)
  4. Combine the two words, with the adjective in front. Make the food plural ( Ex. slimy fries, rubbery mac and cheeses, cold pizzas)

Try it with your friends and comment what you come up with.  Anyways my friends and I continued to do that, and soon the recreational group was born.  After that we do almost everything in P.E. together.  Please comment and show your recreational group and see you later.


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